Information for Advertisers

KidCARE TV presents educational content to parents regarding various childhood health and wellness concerns, such as childhood obesity, colds and flues, allergies, smoking and drug prevention, teeth and eye care, bonding with a new baby, sibling rivalry, kids and pets, diapering, bed wetting and much more.

KidCARE TV broadcasts health care segments interspersed with relevant advertising via broadband connection across 32” flat-screen, high-definition monitors to pediatric waiting rooms nationwide. KidCARE TV offers advertisers an engaged, attentive audience who are in a position to be receptive to the messaging. An Arbitron study of KidCARE TV demonstrated that 90% of viewers agree that KidCARE TV helps favorably pass the time spent in the waiting area.

Advertisers may be offered both segment adjacency and category exclusivity.

KidCARE TV sponsorship is available on our pediatric place-based network as well as our on-line and “send-home” DVD programming developed for pediatricians to give new parents for at-home viewing.

To receive your electronic media kit, or for advertising questions such as sponsorship opportunities or rates, please call 1-800-760-7794 or complete our Advertiser Interest Form.

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